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Dug deep into the rich soil of American music, Egler’s roots are complex. You may think of Bill Withers or Neil Young or John Cougar or Van Morrison or The Grateful Dead or Al Green. Yet, listening to Egler, you also may think of none of these. You may not think at all, but rather feel in his rich baritone voice and marbled guitar tones, a man intent on giving his fans their money's worth and doing well the thing he loves to do. He was born in Tucson, Arizona to an idealistic academic and his pragmatic wife, a child of the seventies, and his life journey is as singular as his art. He is the radically mashed-up product of Boulder, Colorado; Austin, Texas; Madison, Wisconsin; and Chicago, Illinois. These locations are felt everywhere in his stories. His sounds are Midwestern rural, big sky lonely, concrete urban, and painfully romantic. In the past fifteen years, he has produced seven albums of depth and distinction, each a critical chapter in his search for a sound that paints an auditory American landscape in which despair wars with hope and hope, tied to love, is elusive. He has worked with many luminaries including Grammy® winner Harry Brotman. He is currently writing the theme and background music for Spurchaser TV




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Jordan Egler
Jordan Egler & His Robot Army

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